Verruca Duct Tape Coming Soon!

Verruca Tape - Probably the most effective and least painful way to treat Verrucas (Plantar Warts)

A new study conducted for Channel 4's Health Freaks on Trial with the help of experts from Warwick and York University found Duct Tape can be very effective in the treatment of verrucas. This adds further evidence to existing research.

Verruca Tape is a medical version of duct tape which can be safely used in the treatment of verrucas (plantar warts).

  • Using Verruca Tape

    Verruca Tape is simple to apply and is safe for adults and children (other types of Duct Tape, which have different adhesives may not be safe).

    Steps in treatment

    1. Cut the Verruca Tape so that it will generously cover the verruca
    2. Stick the Verruca Tape directly onto the wart smooth it down flat
    3. Leave the tape in place for 7 days and live your life normally - you can even swim with the Verruca Tape on
    4. On the evening of the 7th day remove the tape and wash the area around the verruca and leave it uncovered for the night.
    5. The next morning, re-apply Verruca Tape and leave it on for the next 7 days

    Continue the 7 day treatment cycles for up to 2 months.

  • Research

    Research into the effectiveness of Duct Tape in the treatment of verrucas is very positive. Since Jerome Litt first suggested the treatment in 1978 several studies have been done. Perhaps the most interesting is that of Rick Focht et al (2002) who treated 51 children and young adults with either Duct Tape or Crypotherapy (freezing the verrucas with liquid nitrogen). 85% of those in the duct tape group had a complete resolution of the verruca compared with only 60% in the cryotherapy group. Other studies have not replicated these result but 2 of these studies used a transparent duct tape, which has a different adhesive than normal duct tape. It is perhaps unsurprising that results were not replicated using a different kind of tape!

    A new study, conducted by Channel 4 programme Health Freaks on Trial, in association with medical specialists from Warwick University and York University has provided another positive indication of the effectiveness of Duct Tape in treating verrucas (plantar warts).

  • Dr Ellie, Dr Pixie and Dr Ayan from Health Freaks on Trial

    As Seen on Channel 4's Health Freaks on Trial

    Dr Carl Myhill pitched the use of Duct Tape to cure verrucas to Channel 4's new programme Health Freaks on Trial. The winning pitch led to a new study into the effectiveness of Duct Tape in the treatment of stubborn verrucas.

    The robust but small study was in consultation with Dr Rhiannon Pursall (Clinical Trial Coordinator at Warwick Medical School), Dr Richard Albardiaz, and Professor Martin Bland (Professor of Health Statistics, University of York). The study included 22 adult participants with stubborn warts. All 11 people in the treatment groups had an improvement in their verrucas over the period of a month. Every verruca treated reduced in size by an average of 1mm and one participant had all 13 of her verrucas disappear. The normal treatment period for Duct Tape on verrucas is 2 months so to see such a measurable effect in just 1 month provides a strong indication of the effectiveness of this treatment.

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